Book Week - Chairs Go On Strike in Year 6

What a sad, sad afternoon it has been in Year 6: the children returned from their lunch break to find that all of their chairs had gone on strike! The poor, beleaguered chairs had all finally had enough of being maltreated by the children, and some of them penned strongly-worded letters to make their feelings known. One chair moaned “I’m SICK of being dragged around by you like some sort of ragdoll!”, while another complained “my front legs are KILLING me because you’re always slouching down to the front of me”.


Needless to say, the children were stunned to silence and overcome with guilt from the years of taking their chairs for granted. So as a class, they decided to put into practice all the powerful persuasive writing skills they learned earlier in the year from Mrs Greenberg, and write letters of response imploring the chairs to come back to work for them. It is with great relief that we can report the children did such a good job, using empathy and highly emotive vocabulary, that the chairs finally agreed to return to their employers.


This hugely enjoyable writing lesson formed part of our Book Week activities. We drew inspiration from fabulous children’s story The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt, in which a box of crayons write letters to their owner to say how fed up they are with how they are being treated.