School Games Mark Gold (June 2017)

We were delighted to learn that we have been awarded the Games Gold Mark.

To achieve this we had to show that we were doing the following:

Providing a range of sports clubs, attending competitions (Barnet and others), attending inter school events, intra school events, having a dedicated sports coach, class sports   ambassadors, a Sports Council, Sports Breakfasts, a sports noticeboard, an inclusive approach to all children being able to play in a sports team, meaning that we had B and C teams. In addition, we have offered sports events integrating them into the curriculum, for example, Saracens Rugby Tag-playing and Maths.

The feedback that we received from Barnet about our application was:

MMK have worked really hard on increasing the number of L2 events and L1 activities for a variety of children. This year, they have also taken on leadership, which can also be taken even further next year. Congratulations.

A very big thank you must go to Mr Thorne for his promotion of sport at MMK and         ensuring that we participate in as many sports as possible and being so inclusive. Thank you also to Mrs Singer for all her support.